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This underwear bomb failed to take down a Northwest Airlines Airbus A330, but did succeed in burning its owner's genitals. (Photo by FBI, via ABC News)
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New Underwear Bomb Plot Thwarted by CIA, But More Bombs and Terrorists Unaccounted For

Posted May 7, 2012 by Matt Molnar

The CIA has broken up a new Al Qaeda plot to blow up an airliner using explosive underwear, the Associated Press reported Monday afternoon. An upgraded underwear bomb with an improved detonation system was seized by agents in Yemen, according to the report. A suicide bomber had been selected to carry out the plot, but […]

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Al Qaeda Terrorists Filled Live Dogs with Bombs in Attempt to Blow Up US Cargo Plane

Posted November 6, 2010 by BNO News

Al-Qaeda militants allegedly tried to use two dogs, filled with explosives, in an attempt to down a U.S. cargo plane in 2008, according to a report published Saturday.

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