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Farnborough International Airshow 2014 Wrap-up: Day One

The 2014 edition of the Farnborough International Airshow was kicked off on Monday morning with announcements from airframe and engine manufacturers large and small.
by Ben Granucci


JetBlue Airways Announces Earnings, Fleet Plans

JetBlue Airways on Tuesday announced its 3rd quarter earnings and some major changes to its fleet plans for the coming years.
by Ben Granucci


Delta Orders 10 Airbus A330s, 30 American Made A321s

On Wednesday morning, Delta announced an order for a total of 40 new Airbus aircraft, comprising of 10 A330-300s and 30 A321s. Delta currently operates 32 A330s, which previously belonged to Northwest, whereas the A321 will be ...
by Jason Rabinowitz



The New Class of Airliners: An Overview of Aviation’s Near Future

Over the next decade, manufactures from all across the world are readying their next generation of aircraft, or preparing to enter the market for the very first time. From small regional jets to the next generation of the legen...
by Jason Rabinowitz

Delivery of the first American Airbus A319

American Airlines Continues Fleet Renewal With Airbus A319 Delivery

On Tuesday in Hamburg, Germany, American Airlines took delivery of their first 128 seat Airbus A319. The A319 is the second new aircraft to be introduced to American’s fleet in recent months, adding to the Boeing 777-300E...
by Jason Rabinowitz