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How Ya Doin’? Visiting Newark’s FAA Control Tower

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the air traffic control tower at Newark Liberty International Airport. Here's a look at how they do things in one of the nations busiest control towers.
by Ben Granucci

Reagan National Airport control tower. (Photo by dbking via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY)

Air Traffic Control Error Nearly Causes Three-Plane Collision Over DC

Three US Airways jets nearly collided when an air traffic controller messed up at Reagan National.
by NYCAviation Staff

Newark Liberty International Airport control tower.

Newark Airport Control Tower Evacuated Due to Smoke [UPDATED]

Flights into Newark Liberty Airport were halted Tuesday afternoon after smoke was reported in the control tower's elevator shaft.
by admin


Westchester County Airport's control tower, which Fox 5 reports will be responsible for the apocalypse.

Debunking the Sleeping Westchester Airport Air Traffic Controllers Story

Last week, Joe Walden from New York's Fox 5 fueled up the trusty news van with a tank of hyperbole and ventured out to Westchester County Airport, where he was met by all sorts of dastardly wrongdoing that could potentially kil...
by admin

Somewhere over China, a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 makes a banking right turn

Final Call: Are Boeing and Airbus Building Too Many Planes?

One leasing company CEO says Boeing and Airbus are unlikely to sell all the planes in their order book, a man is subdued after chanting "Allah akbar" on a plane, Continental's days are numbered, and more...
by admin