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Emirates to Launch First Airbus A380 Service to New York

New York's inaugural Airbus A380 service is coming sooner than expected, with Emirates moving up the initial flights from October to August.
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Air France A380 Breaks Down in New York, Stranding 530 Passengers

A local hotel was unable to accommodate all of the Air France superjumbo's passengers when it broke down Monday evening.
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Air France to Launch A380 on Paris-New York Route in November

Settling months of speculation, Air France has announced that it will use its first A380s on the Paris-New York run beginning in November.
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Airbus A380 Makes First Visit to New York: The Plane That Launched a Million Clicks

Airbus introduced the world's largest passenger jet to the United States by simultaneously landing two copies of their new A380 Super Jumbo at both JFK Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.
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The Logbook: A380 Wake Turbulence Beats Up Saab 340

The wake turbulence of a Qantas A380 severely roughed up a Saab 340 landing on a parallel runway. Also, the 747-8 passes engine runs and 787 is in the final gauntlet, United pokes at Embraer to see if they have some planes for ...
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