Aside from reporting and having a strong reputation for being first in breaking aviation news, we also cater to others in news media by providing expert insight for print, television or radio, covering all aviation sectors. We provide accurate and astute review of current events, general travel and flying topics, or discussions on aviation enthusiasm.

Through this, our mission is to make you look good by allowing you to deliver quality, accurate, smart and reliable aviation journalism to your viewers and readers.

“Phil Derner is a quote machine!”

- Thom Patterson, CNN

Additionally, we are also contracted for writing, photography, and assisting in production of content from conceptualizing segment ideas to implementing them. You can also reach out to us for simple fact-checking or research for your own coverage needs.

Since 2003, NYCAviation’s Founder Phil Derner and his team have appeared in every major media outlet around the world. Please contact [email protected] with your inquiries.

The following are some of our many, regular appearances in various mediums (video samples embedded below):