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The Ugliest Planes of All Time

I passionately submit that it does, absolutely, matter what the airplane looks like. Do we not care what our bridges and skyscrapers look like, functionality aside?

nasa-logo-meatball Government News

This Day in History: NASA Officially Established

On this day in 1958, Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law the National Aeronautics and Space Act in an effort to further advance America in space exploration.

SWAT Team members stormed Sunwing flight 772 to apprehend a passenger who expressed a desire to blow up the aircraft. Editorials

Analysis: A Navy SEAL Breakdown of the Sunwing SWAT Takedown

When a SWAT Team stormed a diverted Sunwing flight, many people were shocked and frightened. Former Navy SEAL Rich Graham gives un an inside view into the tactical environment.

dc-7c-sas-ln-moe-cph-copenhagen-0866-wja Featured

Awesome Vintage Aviation Photos: Across The Pond

Join us as we celebrate the airports, airlines, and aircraft of yesteryear, through the vintage aviation photos of Bill Armstrong. This week: Europe!

IMG_0849 Editorials

The Honor of Being Chosen For a Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship

An aspiring pilot shares his story of being selected as one of the recipients of the Jason Dahl Memorial Scholarship for 2014.

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Fancy Footwork: Jessica Cox is a Pilot in Command!

Sometimes you need to look past your limitations, take charge of your life, and do what you dream of doing. Jessica Cox is proof that if you can dream it, you can do it.
by Eric Auxier


Rockefeller Son Dies in Westchester County Plane Crash

Police in Westchester, New York are responding to reports of a small plane crash just outside of Westchester County Airport on the campus of SUNY Purchase.
by NYCAviation Staff



#TBT: Sky Waitresses, The Forgotten Heroes

Flight attendants are often seen by passengers as little more than sky waitresses. However their duties go far beyond serving you a drink and some pretzels. Today, we take a look at why the triumphs and tragedies of flight atte...
by Phil Derner Jr.

Legroom (PHOTO 1)

COMMENTARY: Economy Class Done Right

When it comes to economy class gripes, it’s legroom, or lack thereof, that most people whine about. There’s less and less of it, as airlines cram in extra rows, eager to squeeze out every last penny of revenue in the face o...
by Patrick Smith


Video: A Must-See AvGeek Music Montage by Airborne Films

Take a break and watch a great collection of HD aviation clips to feed your daily need for AvGeek!
by Phil Derner Jr.



PREVIEW: JetBlue Introduces Mint

Prior to the launch of Mint service on June 15, JetBlue gave NYC Aviation a peek of the Mint cabin on its new Airbus A321 (N923JB – “It’s Mint To Be”). It represents a dramatic shift from the norm for the traditionally ...
by Douglas Wint

Welcome aboard! (Mark Lawrence)

Into Africa: Airbus Style

Come aboard as Mark Lawrence takes us along for the ride on his trip to South Africa on Lufthansa and South African Airways.
by Mark Lawrence

Panoramic shot of a thunderstorm near Denver Airport on June 4, 2014 (Photo: Paul Thompson, @FlyingPhotog on Twitter)

Why You Are Delayed: The Science Behind Thunderstorm Development

Thunderstorms are one of the top causes of flight delays. Meteorologist Adam Daum delves into the science behind this powerful force of nature.
by Adam Daum