#SpotLAX2020 Has Been Cancelled. Here’s Why:

Over the past several months, I have wrestled with a difficult decision: whether or not we could safely hold #SpotLAX2020 in September. With different parts of the country experiencing the crisis brought on by COVID-19 differently and at different times, it was not an easy decision to make. Initially, I was hopeful that we could […]


Speak Like an #AvGeek: A Glossary For Enthusiasts

If you spend any amount of time planespotting at an airport, sharing photos on the NYCAviation Photo Hangar, combing through #AvGeek hashtagged conversations on Twitter or doing any other similar aircraft-centric activity, you’ve likely heard hundreds of aviation terms thrown around. Some of the more commonplace terminology such as “low vis”, “livery”, “altitude” and “ATC” […]


Flying During These Unprecedented Times Of Coronavirus

An airline pilot shares what life has been like flying (and not flying) during the age of COVID-19, along with the uncertainty that lies ahead.


Airlines Leading the Way in the Age of COVID

At a time when distancing, cleanliness, and other infection controls are at the forefront, airlines can lead the way in ensuring travelers stay healthy.

Airport News

SWISS Shows Off Its Revamped JFK Lounge

NYCAviation toured the fully-remodeled SWISS International lounge at JFK’s Terminal 4

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5 Commonly Misused Weather Terms Explained

Sometimes you hear a complicated meteorological term tossed around, likely by someone trying to show off. We debunk and explain five often-misunderstood weather terms.
by Adam Daum

These are the remains of the lithium-ion battery that burst into flames inside a Boeing 787 last week. (Photo by NTSB)

NTSB Shows Off Crispy Boeing 787 Battery

NTSB investigators are making progress in their investigation of last week's Boeing 787 fire in Boston and shared some photos to prove it.
by admin


A collapsed building at the Spirit AeroSystems complex in Wichita. (Photo by KWCH12, via Twitter)

Boeing 737 Fuselage Factory, Other Aerospace Builders Suffer Direct Hit from Kansas Tornado [UPDATED]

The Spirit AeroSystems complex in Wichita that builds every Boeing 737 aircraft fuselage suffered a direct hit from a tornado on Saturday, damaging at least 10 buildings and knocking out power.
by admin


Ex-TWA Flight Attendants Say They’ll Cross American Airlines Picket Lines

With American Airlines Flight Attendants' contract negotiations ongoing and the chance for a strike looming, former TWA flight attendants who lost their jobs after the American Airlines merger have little pity.
by Mark Lawrence

Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter AA-1

Israel Orders 20 Lockheed Martin F-35 Fighter Jets

Israel will purchase 20 fifth-generation F-35 stealth jets from the U.S. for almost $2.75 billion, receiving the first jet some time between 2015 and 2017, at $96 million per plane.
by BNO News