Captain Michel Vat suddenly got to make his last flight on his beloved B747 of KLM. Date tuesday 17th of March
He got assisted by his wingman First Officer Erik Vollinga and Second Officer Nick Fremau.
Stand Echo19 with an enginestart on stand,and a crossbleed-start after push & pull abeam Alpha 16 .
RWY24 for departure. Lining up...........starting takeoffroll........and operating a tremendous wingroll salute.
The footages of this 'wingroll salute' are awesome , but what I saw ,looking across my camera while filming, was a 7.0 experience.
Flight KL735 with callsign KLM129-Heavy got operated with the B747-Fullpax reg PH-BFY.
Backflight KL736, arrival at friday 20th of March got operated with the B747-Fullpax reg PH-BFN.RWY06 for landing and a Bokito call again......