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Thread: TWA Hotel cracks down on spotters ( article)

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    TWA Hotel cracks down on spotters ( article)

    I had a feeling this would happen....

    "One thing they don’t always do is spend a lot of money—and now the hotel is cracking down. Management last week instituted new fees of $25 to access the pool deck on weekdays and $50 on weekends. Alternatively, a seat at the bar now comes with a $50 minimum tab"

    "With the deck often filled to capacity on weekend nights, the hotel wants to tamp down some behaviors, like hobbyists who have spent entire days on the roof, lugging their gear and ordering nothing but a soda."
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    Well .... it was only a matter of time before the young entitled spotters ruined it for everyone else. Think about ... it’s the same reasoning when you get invited to go to a BBQ, you shouldn’t go empty handed. You should bring something for the BBQ. When you go to the hotel and are going to spend a whole day or a few hours shooting up there, it only makes sense to spend some money on a meal or drink (soda, beer or whatever) to quench your thirst. I did witness a spotter bringing in his own water and food. Like a restaurant or a pizzeria, you shouldn’t bring food from the outside. Some individuals forget they are guests at an establishment. I think the fee for the weekend is over the top, but it should be a lesson learned to those young spotters whom thought the TWA Hotel rooftop observation deck was their new playground! Now they can go back to their playground at the mounds. Also, I’ve witnessed other spotters doing the right thing, they spent money on food, drinks and were very civilized as they enjoyed their passion for spotting. I hope these individual realize what they did, since it impacted a whole community of spotters, and not just the local ones like myself.
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