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Thread: JFK - Spots for 13s?

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    JFK - Spots for 13s?

    Hi all,

    Some of you may remember me posting on this forum several years ago about spotting at Newark. I was a kid back then and obviously didn't take any of your advice and acted foolishly, and I apologize for that. Anyway, I have been spotting at JFK every few months when I have time, and I am wondering about spots for filming 13 ops at JFK as I didn't see any on the spotting guide. I mainly do videos, so where would be good for filming arrivals on 13L? So far, I've taken a look at the T5 parking garage, cargo plaza and a small hill area on 148th street. I am assuming it isn't recommended to stand in any of these areas with a tripod and camera for a long period of time, but correct me if I am wrong? Thank you for reading and understanding. I look forward to responses!


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    North Conduit , around 128th St. and 150th Ave,where they have that little 9/11 memorial,you can track them from over Brooklyn to overhead at about 500’ agl , or by Lefferts long term parking, for a decent side view. My families old back yard on 124th St. is no longer an option : )
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