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Thread: Geico Skytyper down in Melville

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    Geico Skytyper down in Melville

    Overheard on JFK TOWER - S Turns are fine, U-Turns are bad....

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    Updated reports indicate that it was Ken Johansen in Skytyper 3 and he didn't make it. Very sad day for the team and all who knew Ken.

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    Here is the audio from KFRG Tower during the accident today. Skytyper 1 flight of 6 checks in at 13:40 in the audio. The crash is noticed by the tower at about 21:15 in the file, and they advise Skytype 1 who at the time was unaware as 5 and 6 were in trail, taking off later.
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    Pilot & former Duty Manager of the British Airways JFK Terminal in the 80s, suffered the same fate. RIP Jon Wildbergh.


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