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Thread: New Air Canada Paint Scheme

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    New Air Canada Paint Scheme

    I am absolutely loving it. Some people say "It looks like Delta," but I don't think so at all. It has darker paint on the bottom, yes, but the Delta belly is curved, this is straight, and more aesthetic to me. I love the DARK color throwback to the older scheme. Most importantly, that Robin's mask is the best thing I've seen an an aircraft since wings. T make a bulbous A320 family or plain 767 nose look so sleek, is wild.

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    You know looks good but if the titles were in red you'd have a perfectly balanced livery as far as the colors go. It would be like the old scheme but the old scheme didn't have the black underside. This new livery has like the least amount of red in it compared to any of the previous ones and it bothers me, because I like red in a livery. I do like that mask over the cockpit windows though.

    And where has THIS aircraft been all my life! Nice, mmmm? Someone please try to say this looks terrible! Fire that 74-8i production line back up boys(and gals)

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    I like the scheme overall, but found their whole "Oh it represents the geography/wildlife of Canada," line kind of dumb. It looks good, but I don't see that capturing "the best of Canada," unless they are trying to highlight what the Arctic looks like during winter.


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