I went out Friday January 13 2017 to St. Patricks of Texas, they sell equipment for micro breweries and wineries, their parking lot overlooks the approach end of 22. They have a huge parking lot which is always empty, they're primary a wholesaler. I first went out there a couple of years ago when that white/gold Atlas 747 was coming in one morning and talked to them about using their lot and they had no issues at all about it, in fact they asked about getting a photo of the front of there building with a plane coming in, that would be hard as the front door is so close to the street but I did a cut and paste that came out pretty good, they loved it and used it on their website! http://www.stpats.com/index.htm

I checked with them again before going out and they said sure, and the catch of that day was George Straits brand spanking new G450!! So even with all the stuff going on out there with security and being Friday the 13th, that place is my "Ace in the hole", just like his song, you should listen to it if you have rhe time!