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Thread: Chinese Air Force "August 1st" at Zhu Hai Air Show

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    Chinese Air Force "August 1st" at Zhu Hai Air Show

    The "August 1st" Acrobatic Team now uses J-10 fighter jets. It has performed at every Zhu Hai Air Show. Its recent marketing ploy is the 4 female pilots. The Chinese Air Force has trained and deployed female pilots since the 1950s as a means to show gender equality. Until recently, all female pilots were on transports or helicopters. A few female pilots have been trained on fighter jets and the propaganda machine has boast their stories. I am not sure if they are truly qualified as front line pilots. Even for the acrobatic mission, "August 1st" brought 4 twin seat J-10 to ZUH, and both seats were filled for all 4 during my visit.

    Taxi out to start their performance

    After a two-ship and another three-ship take off, Number 12 did a low pass over the airport to wow the audience.

    Number 12 performing a single routine

    Six-ship formation

    Five-ship split

    Four-ship formation

    Taxi back after the performance

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    Sweet set!


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