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Thread: A Few Flight Decks (747-400, 787-9) and LHR Preview

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    A Few Flight Decks (747-400, 787-9) and LHR Preview

    Hey Gents,

    A recent trip to London provided an awesome opportunity to combine my first trip overseas and checking a few items off the aviation bucket list. My outbound flight was BA 172 (JFK-LHR) on the top deck of a 747-400!

    L1-7 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr

    On the way back another item got checked off the list, moving over to the newest bird in the Boeing stable, and flying first class on a 19 day old 787-9, the newest in the BA fleet! While I didn't take photos, I got to see the entire cabin in flight about an hour before we started our decent into Newark including all the galleys and classes. After touchdown in New Jersey, I had the chance to go up front and check out the office and see what the 787 pit looks like in person, which was, in a word, incredible!

    L9-13 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr

    L9-14 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr

    On top of the widebody adventures, I got a full day (plus a few quick shots on the way in/out for flights) at Heathrow, AND three days at the Red Bull Air Races in Ascot. More to come on that in the future, as I've still got a mountain of edits that are going to take weeks to go through! To say I'm one of the luckiest avgeeks in the world right now is a massive understatement!

    L1-18 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr

    L1-19 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr

    L1-21 by Mark Kolanowski, on Flickr
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    Awesome stuff Mark, and looking forward to the other photos.
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