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Thread: Any suggested spots for photographing 22R departures at JFK?

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    Any suggested spots for photographing 22R departures at JFK?

    Got some photos from bayswater once but they were only ok. Same with from the mcdonalds in rock park right over the 2nd bridge going down cross bay to Rockaway.

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    AM- Bayswater

    PM- HoBe

    A spot from a boat would be really nice

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    With regards to photographing 22R departures:
    - During the morning hours the best place would the Bayswater
    - During the afternoon after the sun crosses the runway the best location is Broad Channel American Park which is located just before the Cross Bay Bridge toll plaza on the right side if you are driving south on Cross Bay Blvd.

    You'll need at least a zoom lens that extends to 400mm for both locations to get reasonable shots.

    Here are a few shots:

    22R morning departures from Bayswater

    22R afternoon departures from Broad Channel American Park

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