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Thread: No more Dash-8s? Why no more landing at LGA?

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    No more Dash-8s? Why no more landing at LGA?

    It occurred to me, in the past year or two, I've noticed that the previously heavy Dash-8 traffic around LGA seems to have silently but very suddenly disappear, perhaps replaced with a lot more CRJs and ERJs. Am I correct on this? Are the Dash-8s being phased out of regionals?

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    A lot of that Dash-8 traffic was operated by US Airways, and to be honest, they were being used mostly to sit on slots (you have to operate a slot 80% of the time or else it's forfeited). They flew back and forth to Philadelphia, but didn't provide any sort of meaningful service. A few years ago, Delta and US did a big slot swap where Delta took a bunch of US slot pairs at LGA, and US got some of DL's slots at Washington-National. Delta doesn't operate any props on the East Coast, so those slots were taken up by a mix of mainline and RJs.

    The US Airways (now American) Dash-8 program is still very much alive and well at Philadelphia and Charlotte.

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    Yes, some Dash-8s are being phased out, particularly the Q-400s at United. But they're very much alive and kicking at AA on exUS routes. With a little over half of Piedmont's fleet being 37 seat -100 models, they're great for commuter-type flights feeding the hubs. Both HPN and SWF see 2-3 flights a day to PHL on Dash-8s.
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