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Thread: 10 min of approachs in to LHR

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    10 min of approachs in to LHR

    10 minutes of approaches into London Heathrow, LHR from back in Oct of 2015

    10 minutes of arrivals at London Heathrow, LHR. Taken from terminal 5 on 10-10-15
    British Airways: Airbus 319, G-EUPK
    Tarom: Airbus 318, YR-ASA
    British Airways, Airbus 319, G-EUPB
    British Airways, Airbus 320, G-EUYT
    Germanwings, Airbus 320, D-AIQB
    Egyptair, Airbus 330
    Qantas, Airbus 380
    United, Boeing 777-200, N783UA
    American, Boeing 777-300, N717AN
    British Airways, Boeing 747-400
    Eurowings. Airbus 320, D-AIZR
    MEA, Airbus 320, OO-MRL
    Austrian, Airbus 320, OE-LBW
    Airberlin, Boeing 737-800, D-ABMR
    Air Algerie, Boeing 737-800, 7T-VKD
    British Airways, Airbus 320, G-EUTR
    British Airways, Boeing 787-8, G-ZBJF
    SAS, Boeing 737-800, LN-RRK
    Emirates, Airbus 380, A6-EET
    British Airways, Boeing 777-200
    SAS, Airbus 321, LN-RKK
    Cathay pacific, Boeing 777-300
    Lufthansa, Boeing 737-300, D-ABEB
    British Airways, Airbus 319, G-EUPD
    China southern, Boeing 787-8, B-2732
    TAM, Boeing 777-300
    British Airways, Boeing 777-200, G-YMMC
    British Airways, Airbus 319, G-EUPA
    Finnair, Airbus 321, OH-LZD
    Iberia, Airbus 320, EC-ILR
    KLM, Fokker 70, PH-KZT
    Avianca, Airbus 330-200, N368AV
    Royal Jordanian, Boeing 787-8, JY-BAF
    British Airways, Boeing 777-300, G-STBJ
    Air Lingus, Airbus 319, EI-EPR
    British Airways, Boeing 747-400, G-CIVJ
    British Airways, Boeing 777-200, G-VIIF
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    My last time into LHR was in 2012 in the Classic 747 carrying a 767 engine from SFO for United on a stellar day in Londontown, lovely descent and approach over the old city. Great layover, great spotting : ) best catch was the Malaysian A380, best livery on that gargantua,in my opinion
    The beehive hummm of the JT9D and GE CF680C2,the thunder of the JT8D-17,the rumble of the PW1830 and the high ,thin whine of the PW 545A are all music to my ears!

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