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Thread: Zurich 21-01-2016

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    Zurich 21-01-2016

    Let us continue with my second day at Zürich. The day started early with, at first, a visit to the 10th level of the P6 parking garage:

    1. Global 14+01 of the Luftwaffe was awaiting the arrival of its passengers:
    BD700-PVT-GAF-1401-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    2. This Italian Falcon 900 (MM62171) came by for a quick stop to drop off some high level Italians:
    DA900-ITAF-MM62171-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    3. A little more exotic military visitor was this Gulf 5 of the Nigerian Air Force:
    G5-NAF-5NFGW-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    I continued on to the rooftop terrace to do some spotting before participating in the excellent Bucher WEF-apron-tour.

    4. Busy ramp behind this Air Serbia A319:
    A319-SRB-YUAPA-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    And then I got on the bus for some apron shots! It was freezing cold, and the light was sometimes challenging, but nevertheless a great tour once again!

    5. Although I catched this A321 of the Iranian Government two years ago, it's still a nice exotic plane!
    A321-IRN-EPAGB-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    6. A319CJ 4K-8888 of Azerbaijan is showing off the frost:
    A319CJ-AHY-4K8888-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    7. Very happy with this Pakistan Air Force Gulfstream 4!
    G4-PAF-J756-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    8. Joe Biden's plane, which departed later in the evening, was this C-32A 98-0001, which stood with the doors open all days. Must be hot inside ;)
    C32A-USAF-980001-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    9. Joe's support plane was this C-17A 07-7183, which also stood there with its door open:
    C17A-USAF-077183-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    10. My second A330 of Air Europa in two days...:
    A332-AEA-ECJPF-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    11. Polaris 15001 of the RCAF was also present:
    A313-RCAF-15001-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    12. When arriving at the airport I noticed that this Turkish Government A330 wasn't there anymore... Or so I thought, as they merely re-positioned it! Phew!
    A332-TRK-TCTUR-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    13. Not the best shot, but how many Thai Citations can someone catch on a day?
    CE750-PVT-HSCDY-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    14. Kazakhstan's A320CJ was parked next to the A319CJ of the Ukrainian Government:
    A320CJ-KAZ-UPA2001-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    15. Enduring the, for it not common, cold weather was this SAAF BBJ:
    B737-SAAF-ZSRSA-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    16. Prime-Minister Tsipras of Greece was brought by this Hellenic Air Force Gulf 5:
    G5-HAF-678-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    And with that the tour ended and I made my way to the landing at runway 14. The grey sky cleared up and the rest of the day we had a beautiful, but very cold, blue sky.

    17. It took me some time to figure out that the large letters on the tail were the plane's registration...
    BD700-PVT-N1DS-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    18. Just one of the many bizjets visiting was this Gulf 5 VP-CAR. Anyone knows the c/n?
    G5-PVT-VPCAR-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    19. Just delivered a few weeks earlier and very exotic, this Lebanese Legacy 500!
    E550-PVT-ODCXJ-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    20. It was very busy this day with spotters and that was due to the arrival of the US Secretary of Defense, which was brought in by this magnificent E-4B!
    E4B-USAF-750125-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    21. Another French Air Force Falcon, this time a 2000LX and with a visible registration!
    DA2000-FAF-FRAFD-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    22. The Polish delegation was picked up again by this ERJ175:
    E175-POL-SPLIH-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    23. Definitely one of the prettiest A330s out there!
    A332-EDW-HBIQI-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    24. Almost pink due the sunset. Global M-HOME is seen here on finals.
    BD700-PVT-MHOME-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    25. And the last picture of the day, before the sunlight was gone, is this great C-17A 08-8198.
    C17A-USAF-088198-ZRH21jan16 by Anton Homma, on Flickr

    A great day comes to an end, with the E-4B being the star of the day. You can see my whole set at:

    Thanks for watching! The pics for Friday will follow as soon as I have the time to edit them!


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    Really nice pictures. Enjoyed watching them.
    Your cn should be 577 according to


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