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Thread: Blue Angels Over Coney Island?

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    Blue Angels Over Coney Island?

    A friend of mine gave me the heads up on this the other day when the Blue Angels 2016 Schedule came out. Listed on Aug 20-21 on their website is the "New York Air Show at Coney Island". Thought maybe this was the NY Air Show at Stewart and was an error but today the Thunderbirds release their 2016 Schedule and they will be headlining at Stewart on Labor Day Weekend Sept 3 and 4th. So this is interesting.
    Also Thunderbirds will be back at Atlantic City and show is back to August, the 17th to be exact.
    And the Angels are flying the USNA Air Show on Wed May 25 and Graduation FlyOver on Friday the 27th so can we expect them at FRG on Wed after the USNA show or Thursday? Then up for the quick run down to Annapolis on Friday then back for practice show? Ah I know it's 6 months away but something to think and dream about with - Winter Is Coming!!!!
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    Was wondering what was going on at Coney Island too! And if I remember correctly in 2014 the Blues has the show on Wednesday and came in early Thursday? Maybe #7 Wednesday evening?

    Never too early!

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    Yes, back in 2014, Blue Angels #7 came in late in the afternoon on Wed. and the rest of the team arrived on Thursday morning.
    As far as Coney Island goes, the schedules on Blue Angels site haven't been updated yet, but the revised schedule they posted
    at ICAS this past Monday have both Aug. 20 - 21 and Aug. 27-28 weekends as "TBD", so I doubt Coney Island will happen.


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