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Thread: All White USAF 757

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    All White USAF 757

    On Monday, I saw this all-white 757 doing touch-and-go's at AVP around 3:30/4PM. Saw the same one back in July doing the same pattern and got a not-so-good photo outside my house.

    Anyone know what these are used for/where they're based out of? I'm assuming they're USAF. They're all white with winglets and only a small flag in the center of the tail. No visible tail numbers on the one I saw in the summer or the one I saw earlier this week. All the photos I've seen online are of ones that have Air Force markings on the side. I can't find anything of the ones I've seen with the flag on the tail.

    I was hoping to get a photo on Monday but it did only one or two touch downs. It was long gone by the time I made it the five miles from where I was to the airport.

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    Probably belongs to these guys out of Eglin:

    That unit is also associated with the 227th Special Operations Flight out of McGuire, and the aircraft have been known to operate from there as well, which may be why you saw them shooting landings at AVP.
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    I was inclined to agree with Moose, however since the OP said the 757 had a flag on the tail and winglets (the two C-32Bs have neither) I'd have to say it was one the US Department of Justice 752s.



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    I once met a pilot for that squadron back when I worked in retail. Asked him a few questions about their role, got one answered (we transport people - he did not say who), and at the time, confirmed the recently declassified refueling feature the aircraft has.


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