After not having an airshow in San Antonio for several years Randolph AFB hosted the Joint Base San Antonio 2015 airshow. Wanted to go Friday with a bud who had a DoD card but that was cancelled due to storms in the area, Saturday wasn't much better but Sunday turned out to be a perfect day after lunch and everyone and their mother decided to go at the last minute as I did. The Police at the gate said it would be at least an hour to park and to turn around now if we didn't want to wait, and then go through security and take a bus across a runway to the actual display area.

Thunderbirds were flying while waiting to park but all was not lost, got some shots as the sun was setting...


Definitely a highlight to see a Tweet!

As well as these two, Lady Liberty followed by Devil Dog

and by herself

And one last one of people still waiting to walk through a KC-10 after sunset