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Thread: Spotting LGA/JFK this weekend

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    Smile Spotting LGA/JFK this weekend


    Im in town over the weekend, inbound tomorrow from Sweden.
    Are there any of you fellow spotters planning to go spotting on sat/sun at JFK/LGA?

    If you want some company, drop me a message, I'll be happy to join.


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    Quick report:

    Ended up going to LGA on Sunday, unfortunately during the same time as the clouds covered the sky during the morning. They used 22 for departures so I walked over towards Plane View Park after taking the Q70 shuttle.

    A really nice spot, and I managed to catch some nice planes/airlines, especially nice to see the MD-80's that are becoming extremely rare in Europe..

    During lunch they changed to landing 22 / departing 31 :(

    On the bus to the airport I had some luck and got a pic of Obama arriving Newark.

    I'm hoping to return soon and try out JFK as well.


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    Thanks for sharing those Johan, great shot of the Brooklyn Bridge! AND you got a special, jetBlue's FDNY!


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