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Thread: KTPA 10/9 New Frontier A321

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    KTPA 10/9 New Frontier A321

    Hello all, first post here! Went spotting with a friend at KTPA and got the new Frontier A321 arriving from Goose Bay. Shame wouldn't take it but oh well.

    Frontier A321 by Adam Juriga, on Flickr

    Also got a new Frontier A320 at the PEMCO hangar the previous day. If you look hard enough you can see an MD-10 on final by the light pole on the right.

    Frontier A320 by Adam Juriga, on Flickr

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    You got that last one in perfect late afternoon/early evening light. Also I had no idea Frontier started flying 321's. And don't worry about that 'other' site, we're not as picky here :)

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    Great pictures, just gotta love those animals. Frontier ordered 10 A321, if I'm not mistaken, this on was the first. Delivery was just a week or two ago.


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