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Thread: A340 for the scrap man!

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    A340 for the scrap man!

    Arriving in all white scheme just after sundown this evening at Shannon (09-09-15)
    Sri Lankan A340-311 4R-ADA from Colombo on it way to Kemble for scrap and parts out.

    Sri Lankan A340-300 4R-ADA by Donal Morrissey (Birrlad), on Flickr
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    Where the PARK routing crosses the Expressway Visual 31
    Another Sri Lankan 340 (4R-ADG) apparently came through Newark about a week and a half ago on its way to Goodyear, so might be worth keeping a corner of an eye on this one.

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    Just to make a correction on my post the aircraft departed Shannon to Kemble instead this morning.

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    Oh?..That.... Yea I went to EWR for the first one. I was so disappointed when I saw they removed the markings. The image is still sitting on my camera (I think). Please remind me to delete it just in case I forget in a few days.

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