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Thread: JFK Spotting

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    JFK Spotting

    Hi Everyone
    I am making my 3rd spotting trip to JFK this Friday. This last two visit I lucked out and they were doing the 22s and 13s split arrival which allowed me to basically stay in the same general area the whole day. Anyway I don't know if I luck out again or not so I have a few questions for you more seasoned spotters. First of all is there anywhere to spot 13L arrivals from? If not where is the best spot to shoot 13R departures?

    Also is that split flow I mentioned earlier a fairly common occurrence how about cross wind approaches. I usually spot at YYZ and now matter what the wind directions they usually tick with the 24s-23 or 06s -05 even then the winds are straight done either the 15s or the 33s?

    Anyway I appreciate the help


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    You can spot 13L arrivals from the Cargo plaza. However, do so at your own risk as that is an area the airport generally disapproves of us using.

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    Bayswater Park works well for 13R departures - check out the JFK spotting guide for all the particulars.

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    This is probably the first time I've ever heard somebody say that they "lucked out" with the 13 L/R / 22L split. I usually think its a spotter's nightmare since you never know what runway a heavy will go to and they're not close to each other. As for 13L spots, there aren't a lot of choices. The Cargo Plaza is probably the best shot, though as others mentioned you're liable to get booted from there. Still, probably worth going there first, and be smart. If that fails, I've had some luck at the cell phone lot, though it is a bit distant, even with a 400mm lens.
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    Rockaway Playland used to be awesome for 13R departures, especially the roller coaster : )
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