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Thread: NASCAR at Pocono - August 2015

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    NASCAR at Pocono - August 2015

    I made my twice-a-year visit to Pocono Raceway last weekend for the NASCAR weekend. As always, it's an interesting time, and we had perfect weather and some good racing.

    1 - I started out with some time on pit road during practice on Friday and Saturday. Here, Brad Keselowski speeds past.

    2 - And his teammate, Joey Logano

    3 - And you can't miss Danica Patrick's car.

    4 - Never turn your back on a race car! Twenty five years of going to Pocono, I'd never seen this. During Saturday's practice, Jeb Burton spun coming out of Turn 3 (Pocono is a triangle, there's no Turn 4) and spun into pit road. He slid by me and hit the inner pit wall about 20 feet past where I was. Sadly, I had been talking to the safety worker next to me, and while I saw the whole thing happen, I didn't have the camera up to catch him go by. Here he is on pit road where it finally stopped.

    5 - You know I have to include something aviation-related! Two USAF CV-22 Ospreys did the pre-race fly over.

    6 - He's coming right at us!

    7 - So what was I saying, twenty five years and I'd never seen a car spin into pit road? So how about two days in a row? Early in Sunday's Sprint Cup race, Kasey Kahne did the same thing - his skid marks on the track and into pit road were just about exactly on top of those left by Burton the day before, but Kahne hit about 3 pit stalls farther into the pits.

    8 - Trevor Bayne stops for tires and gas in 13 seconds.

    9 - Kurt Busch makes a quick stop.

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    Nice shots Moose !!
    BTW, found some cool air-to-air videos of the Osprey 2-ship flyover at Pocono also.

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    Great shots Moose! Lucky that car didn't spin closer to you. Shows though that you can't take anything for granted at a NASCAR race. I relaxed once and had Jimmie Johnsons spolier in my gut from backing out of the garage.


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