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Thread: Martinair Cargo MD-11F Arrival / Departure Chicago O'Hare International Airport

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    Martinair Cargo MD-11F Arrival / Departure Chicago O'Hare International Airport

    It's not super rare but it sure is hard to catch. This is only the second time I've bagged this MD-Lemon beauty as far as I know.

    Arrival and Departure as "Martinair" MPH#6062 to/from Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport EHAM / AMS

    The Flight:

    Recently visited:
    Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport EHAM/ AMS, Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi International Airport HKJK / NBO, Dubai International Airport OMDB / DUB, Almaty Airport UAAA / ALA, Juarez Mexico City International Airport MMMX / MEX, Miami International Airport KMIA / MIA

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    Love this, once followed a UPS MD-11 all the way across India, HKG bound, dodging the same weather, matching move move for move, somehow we got ahead of them and landed first at VHHH amid wind, and rain, watched them taxi in, shared hotel van with same crew, and solved the worlds problems till sunrise with them at the freight dog all night cantina across from the Panorama, epic flight,and hard/day's night, epic plane as well.
    The beehive hummm of the JT9D and GE CF680C2,the thunder of the JT8D-17,the rumble of the PW1830 and the high ,thin whine of the PW 545A are all music to my ears!

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