Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a little bit about my self. So here it goes

My story started Microsoft Flight Simulator since 2003. I fell in love with aviation because a pilot from US airways showed me the cockpit in a flight from Nashville to La Guardia when I was 10 years old. I remember seeing that cabin and seeing the crew go through their flows and thinking ” This is my destiny”. Since that day I did anything possible to stay connected with aviation. Flight simulator was my only refuge.

I remember thinking that flight simulator was the only part of my life that made any sense to me. Being from a lower-income family I did not have the means to have my single parent send me to flight school when I was in my teens so I was forced to work my way through a retail job so I could one day pay my flight school. I got my break when I became a manager at the company I worked for. That small break quickly I fueled my way to perform better than most in my area because I knew that I could soon start to pay for my flight school.

About two years ago I decided that it was time for me to start my flight training. Being a Lancaster,PA USA resident I searched on google for flight schools and came in touch with this flight school. www.aerotechservices.com. I told them my dream and I quickly found my self in the left seat to do my discovery flight. I remember that day being 3500 feet in the air that I felt a power and a sensation I can only describe as euphoric. The quote “Once you touch flight you will for ever spend your days looking towards the skies wondering when you will return” was all I remember thinking about, I had to continue my dream, no matter what. My sister helped me by using helping me get a signature loan so I could get the PPL license. My wife (Got married early) kept me in line and continued motivating me to continue, I can’t help admitting that making her proud was one of my biggest motivators. Of course my mother who bought me all my computers and helped keep the dream alive when it seemed against all odds when i was a young boy . I owe everything to those three women.

With the money to begin I started my journey. It was hard, there were times that I wanted to cry, perhaps even pound my head against a wall but I kept thinking about that boy in the past that spent hours hoping to one day reach his goal flying in the simulated skies, looking up every time a plane flew by and praying that I will reach my dream. So I continued down the path. I got paired up with my instructor Brandon. We quickly became good friends and it was very apparent to me that he was going to get me through it and he wanted it just as much as I did. There were times that Brandon would call me, text me, send smoke signals in the air to get me to go fly and get it done. Of all the things what I was most terrified of was crosswind landings. It felt like I was never going to get it right but Brandon always told me to be patient and just keep trying. Eventually I got better and it was time to take my check-ride. I passed my check-ride on February 27th,2015. It had to be the happiest day off my life. I spend maybe three weeks sitting at home and I quickly found my self bored so I said to my self “Keep Going”. A week later I started my instrument training. Today I am half way done with my IFR training and I am not stopping no matter what. I still fly with Brandon, I will forever thank him for teaching me . Along the way I started making these short movies to better tell my story. I will continue doing so and hopefully I will motivate some of you in your journey.

Above all, don’t give up continue working towards it. Even if its at a snail pace eventually you will all get a break and it will rocket you into your dreams