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Thread: Waterfalls of DuPont State Forest

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    Waterfalls of DuPont State Forest

    The mountains of western North Carolina are home to hundreds of waterfalls, and DuPont State Forest is the site a several significant falls. Several movies, including Last of the Mohicans and The Hunger Games have been filmed at DuPont, including at the falls. We've had a decent amount of rain the past week, so the falls were flowing well.

    1 - Hooker Falls

    2 - The aptly-named Triple Falls

    3 - High Falls

    4 - If you don't mind getting wet, you can get up close to High Falls

    5 - Shooting the rapids

    6 - The Little River between High and Hooker Falls.

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    Very nice! Loving the soft, muted colors.


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