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Thread: KRDU - 4/4/15

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    KRDU - 4/4/15

    I took a ride up to Raleigh-Durham on Saturday - they have two observation decks at RDU, a large one facing 5L/23R, with seats, a covered area, playground for the kids, and tower broadcasts piped in. The second is on the upper floor of the General Aviation terminal, looking out over the GA/transient ramp, and facing 5R/23L.

    First, from the larger deck:

    FlightAware showed an "Air Georgian" CRJ arriving from Toronto - I had never heard of them, so I was really interested to see what would show up. Not exactly what I was expecting...

    Over at the GA terminal, the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team was getting ready to head home following an afternoon game with the Carolina Hurricanes.

    Yes, you can get this close...

    I spoke with the flight crew for a few minutes before the team arrived. The captain was an ex-Navy E-2 driver, who used to fly into Grumman-Bethpage often.

    This was an interesting catch.

    First time I've seen split scimitar winglets in person.

    The life of a charter pilot - standing around waiting on the clients to show up.

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    Nice set Moose! That must be a sweet observation deck.
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