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Thread: MIA for my birthday 2014-11-17

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    MIA for my birthday 2014-11-17

    Martinair Cargo MD-11F PH-MCU by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 G-VFAB by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Mostly takn from room 1120, Miami Airport Hilton. Many thanks to the folks at the MIA tower for switching the flow as I was checking in ;)

    American Airlines Boeing 757-200 N174AA by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Avianca Airbus A330-300 N975AV by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    DHL (ABX Air) Boeing 767-200F N792AX by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Avianca Cargo A330-200F N332QT by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Qatar Boeing 777-300ER A7-BAJ by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Falcon Air McDonnell Douglas MD-83 N120MN by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    Air France A320-200 F-GKXC by BriYYZ, on Flickr

    And from the holes

    Qatar القطرية Boeing 777-200LR A7-BBB by BriYYZ, on Flickr
    "There are 500,000 people airborne at any one time. A drifting airborne city, the size of Helsinki, a few meters tall, threaded around [the] globe."—Dan Hill

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    Very nice birthday presents!
    Queens, NY

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    My photos at: JetPhotos and ANet

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    We were in the room below you at the same time, number 1020

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    Great birthday presents indeed, nice shots!


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