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Thread: Planning a weekend spotting trip to JFK in April

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    Planning a weekend spotting trip to JFK in April

    Hi Folks!

    This is Jerimie. I just recently joined the forums but I've been keeping up with NYC Aviation through my Facebook and the website. To tell you a little about myself. I live in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a long time aviation enthusiast. I've loved planes since I was a toddler. I go to my local airport (Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport) to spot regularly. I also spend weekends at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport spotting there too. I live only 2 hours from Atlanta. I have also spent weekends going to Washington, D.C. spotting at Reagan National Airport and Dulles Airport. Both are great places to visit!

    After looking at the spotting guides I am coming up to New York for a weekend in April to do some spotting at JFK. I really like the "Howard Beach" location very much from what I've read in the guide. I like those banking photos you can get if they're using the right runway configurations and the winds are cooperating. Would love to hear from you about any advice or anything I should know about. I would appreciate that very much. I just made my reservations yesterday and decided to join here too and get updates.

    I also might go see LGA and spot there if I have time. I read a place in the spotting guide I'm interested in. I'm flying up on a Friday and staying through Monday. I'm flying in and out of JFK and I'm staying at hotel near JFK.

    I have a website where you can view my stuff if you want to. It's at

    Hope to maybe meet some of you guys when I come up in April.


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    Welcome to NYCA! Let us know what weekend you end up flying up. Nice pics of the Golden Gate Bridge on your site there


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