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Thread: "Little Airlines, Big IDeas"

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    "Little Airlines, Big IDeas"

    Little airlines, big ideas. I was reading the following article in Time magazine earlier this morning. It goes on to talk about the new start ups such as Iceland's WOW airlines. But we've been down this road before.


    Just to name a few. But these were, as far as I understand low cost BUSINESS carriers.

    Here comes the newly created La Compagnie, flying all biz class 757s w 74 seats. Charges about $2000 round trip NY-Paris.

    I looked up Eos, Can't find their price point but isn't this quite similar to whats already been done?

    Is it me or does it seem we are just trying to reinvent the wheel?
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    At least L'Avion survived long enough to be absorbed into BA. There's another one of these - Odyssey, or something like that, who want to use Bombardier C-series to serve long-haul all-F service out of London-City.


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