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Thread: Enola Gay!

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    Enola Gay!

    The following link provides a full report with photos and information about the "Enola Gay", undoubtedly the most famous B-29 bomber ever built and the protagonist of one of the main historical events of the Twentieth Century. Hope you enjoy and I count on your visit.

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    Came across an interesting comment a while ago on some WW2 forums which is hard to substantiate. The assertion is that in 1942 shortly after USA entered the war following the attack on Pearl Harbour the RAF negotiated rights for the license manufacture of the B-29 in Northern Ireland as the "Windsor type C."

    Subsequently Westminster voted funding for this project with an order for 300 aircraft but at the 1943 Casablanca conference Josef Stalin objected that these aircraft would potentially threaten Russia and so the project was cancelled.

    Has anybody heard anything similar to corroborate this please?

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    Sure wish I could read that blog post. ;)
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