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Thread: PEK spotting, Sept 2014, Part 1: special liveries

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    PEK spotting, Sept 2014, Part 1: special liveries

    Before and after my trip to DPRK, I also did some spotting in PEK. The haze caused by the pollution was terrible.

    CZ and MU have several 330s with special liveries. I managed to catch 3 of them parked at T2 at the same time

    2010 Asian Games

    2011 Xi'an Botanic Expo

    Advertizing for the on-line version of The People's Daily, the party mouth piece. I wonder if the Daily has to pay for this, or the airline does it for free for the party. The Chinese spotters think the livery is ugly.

    CA's Golden Peony taken from across the field with 400mm zoom. Sorry for the quality.

    CA's Pink Peony

    There is a walk way connecting T1 and T2, which over looks gates for MU domestic flights

    One non-Chinese special livery. The photo was taken around noon on a partly sunny day, just give you a sense of how polluted the air was.

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    Very Nice!!!! Thanks for sharing

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    That's awesome, you're not kidding about the pollution though


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