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Thread: JFK - 10/15/14

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    JFK - 10/15/14

    Some from the T5 carpark---others from the T1/2 carpark

    A380s back to back arriving via the Parkway Visual on 13L (I wasn't expecting the first, but I was expecting the second)

    China Airlines 747-400 freighter beginning climbout from 13R (this is between T1 and T2)

    Two Airbus A340s at the same spot as the above China Airlines jet, still on takeoff roll

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    Great catches...I just wanted you to help a bit, I hope you won't mind that I've played a little with your photos - (litlle brighter and sharper)...A few years ago, I was "in your shoes" - someone did play with my pics and showed me how to make photos look better:



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