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Thread: Paine Field KPAE - 9/8/14

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    Paine Field KPAE - 9/8/14

    So how about something other than CLT? ;-)

    I had a business conference in Seattle this past week, and took the opportunity to get some spotting in. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and headed up to Paine Field on Monday to check out the Boeing action. I didn't have time to take the factory tour, or even the Future of Flight museum, but I did get some interesting stuff, despite the overcast weather. Spotting at PAE is easy - the museum parking lot overlooks the main runway, with small mounds so you are over the top of the fence, with the Boeing factory buildings across the other side of the runway. The museum also has an outdoor deck - which you can access without having to pay museum admission - that also overlooks the runway, ramp, and the Dreamlifter ramp. I met a local spotter, who works nearby, up on the deck. He filled me in on some of the comings and goings.

    A Dreamlifter arrived from Charleston shortly after I got there.

    From the museum deck:

    And after fuel and a crew swap, headed out to Nagoya, Japan.

    Thai 788 arriving back from a test flight.

    Garuda Indonesia 777 departs on a test flight. When they returned, they did a touch and go then came back around for a full stop.

    Xiamen Air 738 - they departed Boeing Field (BFI) for a test flight, did a touch and go followed by a missed approach at PAE, then headed back to BFI. I believe it was customer acceptance flight, and it's next flight would be heading across the Pacific.

    Honeywell Convair 340 departing.

    Over on the other side of the field, you can get up close to the fence in a number of places, allowing quite a view of the goings on.

    In storage next to the tower are a 747-8F and 747-8I.

    A couple of 787s

    I was surprised to see a JetBlue A320, but learned that they do wifi installations at PAE.

    FedEx 767F under construction

    The Future of Flight Museum

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    Nice set Moose .... another place on my bucket list. Looks like you had a great trip and got some awesome stuff. Like that Honeywell Convair.
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    Great set, Moose!!!! Can't get tired of that.
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    Very Nice!!

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    Very cool sets from the Northwest! Looks like you were able to grab a lot of specials at SEA and that's a nice shot of the baby-9 at BFI. Nice lighting on the Thai 788 and nice catch of the Honeywell Convair!

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    Nice variety for a few quick trips! PAE is especially hard to get interesting things. Plus it was good to see you!

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    Definitely a bucket list destination for me as well, thanks for sharing Moose, and great coverage!

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    great stuff, Moose!!! on my bucket list, for sure...
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    Wow! Fantastic! I would love to go there.

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    Very Cool Moose!
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