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Thread: KFKL-Venango County Regional Airport, Franklin, PA

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    KFKL-Venango County Regional Airport, Franklin, PA

    Howdy Folks,

    So this set is pretty small, just 4 images, but I thought it was interesting enough to warrant posting. A few weeks back I visited the family farm in western Pennsylvania, and whilst there I quickly remembered there was a small airport the county over, which of course warranted investigation! I quickly realized it was an EAS subsidized station for United, operated by Silver, linking Franklin with Dubois, PA, and the Cleveland (former) hub. The route was scheduled to end in a few short weeks, so I made catching it a priority.

    The little UAL desk was kinda cute in a world of Mega-hubs

    2014-07-31 16.45.49 by Nicholas Peterman, on Flickr

    Phew... talk about a busy schedule!

    2014-07-31 16.46.07 by Nicholas Peterman, on Flickr

    The state police dropped by in the Cessna while I was waiting for the main event

    IMG_9683_filtered by Nicholas Peterman, on Flickr

    And the star of the show. I was expecting a B1900D in the Silver livery based on pics I had seen on Anet, never did I expect it would be in full United Livery... so here we go, the smallest aircraft wearing United's colors!

    IMG_9653_filtered by Nicholas Peterman, on Flickr

    While not as exciting for some no doubt, I was very happy to catch this little bird.



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    uhhhhhhh...Nerd Overload!! Haha, Man, I love sets like this. Documentation of little po-dunk fields with just a smattering of EAS. (Like SHD) -- For the longest time I've wanted to visit the small EAS markets around PIT but that has yet to come to fruition.

    Thanks for taking the time to go get these pix and share them here.

    also, I'm dying to see a silver airways painted 1900D. I went looking and came up empty. Got a link? ;-)

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    The PA state police caravan is a great and rare catch!

    Nice shot of the 1900D too, although I thought they only came in full United colors, it's only the Saabs in the Sliver Airways livery?


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