Following the prior day's spotting trip ehhh... "airport pickup", I made what has become an annual pilgrimage to watch the the Tigers face off with the Yankees. This year I was viewing the game closer to home, having made the trek down to Comerica Park. Armed with a 70-200 and seats just to the side of the dugout, I shot my first baseball game of the year, competing with other spectators for the best views of the action. I didn't feel like I was on my game from a shooting perspective during the game, though as the game went on I found myself getting more keepers.

Tiger's minor leaguer Kyle Lobstein got his first start in the bigs after pitching 5 2/3 innings in relief last week

The man of the hour after flying out early in the game

Tigers speedster Rajai Davis taking a sizable lead off 2nd

Utility man Don Kelly diving back to first

Slugger Miguel Cabrera taking a big cut at a ball

Tex fouls one back into the upper deck

Rajai Davis takes off to first after hitting a grounder to the outfield

Martin Prado sends one to left field

Cabrera's bat shatters

Tigers infielder Ian Kinsler throws over to 1st

Martin Prado throwing to 1st

Rajai Davis once again heading to first

A couple of former Yanks now throwing for the Tigers: Joba Chamberlain and Phil Coke

Thanks for looking!