Is anybody attending this airshow at KRDG (Reading Reigonal Airport)?

- US Army Golden Knights (Their F-27 will be sweet!)
- Greg Shelton/Ashley Battles Wingwalking (Ive never seen them!)
- Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys Cub Comedy and Xtreme Decathlon (Funny comedy act!)
- Dan Marcotte and the Ultimate 10-200 and Jet Car (Both really awesome!)
- Jerry Wells and the Bucker Jungmeister (Nice treat! You cant believe what that Bucker could do.)
- Rick Volker and the Ultimate Harvard and Sukhoi Su-26 (Sukhois on the East Coast are rare!)
- Scott Francis and the Flying Circus MXS (Not Rob Holland, but still awesome!)
- Trevor Rafferty and the Laser (Similar to the one Leo performed in.)