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    Detroit Zoo

    Last week's Friday morning was taken up by a trip to the Detroit Zoo to give some animal photography a shot. This was my first foray into shooting any members of the animal kingdom, so any comments and suggestions are welcome! These were all shot with the D7100 and the Tamron 70-200 VC

    The Red Panda refused to look at me...

    A little more fierce than the Detroit Tiger's pitching as of late.

    A big silverback just relaxing and eating.

    Not even close to the beautiful backgrounds Nick is getting down in Australia.

    The Bison are in the process of shedding their winter fur

    The Prairie Dogs, though small, were quite photogenic

    One of three Grizzly Bear brothers that call the Detroit Zoo home.

    I guess he was in a crappy mood from having his picture taken so much...

    Thanks for looking!
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