Relax. This is strictly a fun, experimental film and is and will be only of its kind very likely (certainly so for me). The point is that I have the skills to do it and so when I get bored and need to play around with my camera, this is what you get. It isn't supposed to become a new viral phenomenon or trend that I now think everyone has to try :D

The other point of this video is, yeah, I do film using two hands only and don't use a tripod of any sort. Just in case you were wondering. This sort of filming does require pretty intense concentration and lots of practice.

...and yes, when the video is upside down or sideways, it's because I turned the camera upside down or sideways. No fancy editing here.

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Chicago O'Hare Airport Crime Prevention Unit / Bensenville Police Dept.
Planespotting from Chicago O'Hare International Airport KORD / ORD 2014
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