From April 10th to the 12th U of M's Crisler Center was the site of the 2014 NCAA Men's Gymnastics National Championships. With a personal connection to the team I found myself at the festivities shooting away, giving the new 70-200 its first very low light indoor sports shooting test. Needless to say, I feel like it passed with flying colors.

The following images are from the team finals, where Michigan won their 2nd consecutive team national championship, with US Olympian and senior Sam Mikulak taking the individual all around title for the 3rd time in the past 4 years.

Senior captain Matt Freeman on the rings

Olympian Syque Cesar preparing for his vault

Syque's vault

Cesar on the P-Bars

Stacey Ervin on High Bar

Konner Ackerman dismounting from the High Bar

Even after a fall, Mikulak still finds reason to smile on high bar

Hub Humphrey is clearly excited about his floor performance

Freshman Tristan Perez-Rivera competing on the floor

Mikulak sticks his floor dismount, sealing the national title up. Needless to say his teammates shared in the excitement

Thanks for looking!