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Thread: Planning a trip to Florida

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    Planning a trip to Florida

    Hello everybody and greetings from Ireland,

    Some time ago I put up a request here for information concerning a trip to California and Arizona and got some great tips and information.

    Unfortunately those plans have fallen through and a group (4) of us are now planning to go to Florida in November. We will be flying with Aer Lingus to Orlando and then hiring a car to spend most of a week in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale areas. We have looked at all the airport spotting guides but if anybody had any extra information concerning best times to visit various airfields/airports, any contact information and info on the best and cheapest hotels in the area etc., I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many thanks in advance

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    You can't beat the MIA Hilton. Make sure to book a "Double with Balcony" category room. Tell the front desk you'd like an airport view. It isn't the cheapest option in the area, but you can't beat the view.

    Taken from Room 1021:

    N894NN at Miami - International
    by CO777ER on

    Miami - International
    by CO777ER on

    If you can't get one of the balcony rooms, there are benches along the northeast part of the property along the lagoon. (This also works if you're not staying here)
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    Thank you CO777ER


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