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Thread: JFK Spotting 4-12-14

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    JFK Spotting 4-12-14

    First of all I want to thank the owners of this site. It has provided me with valuable information on spotting. This site is a tremendous resource for those of us who make this our hobby. I finally summoned up the courage to head down to JFK and do some spotting. Driving to/through NYC is always a challenge, but I programmed HoBe and the Mounds into my GPS from this site and finding both locations was as easy as can be. I was pleased to meet other spotters down at the Mounds and it was great to see other people out there with the same passion. It was great meeting some of you and meeting other friendly people. I ended up getting some great shots (for me anyway you guys have terrific photos). Anyway I am not sure how to upload my photos so hopefully this works. Thanks again everyone, I am pleased to be sharing photos with you all.

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    Nice meeting you and awesome shots with the moon in it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cary View Post
    Nice meeting you and awesome shots with the moon in it!
    Thanks Cary, you too. I hope to see you guys down there again next time I go spotting.

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    nice shotts sr

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    Nice group of photos, as they say "Welcome to NY"

    Rich B

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    Nice variety of planes and shots with moon are great.
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    Welcome aboard! Nice shots and like the moon images as well!
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    Love the shots with the moon in them. Fantastic!

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    Agreed, the moon shots are real nice

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    Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate the comments.

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    Bob, after seeing that AF moon shot on your phone at the office today I had to log on and see what else you managed to catch from your first day at JFK. Nicely done with those moon shots man. Those low light shots came out nice as well.
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    Great shots, especially the EK! I was wondering if you were able to catch my flight that departed the same day, swiss 23c to Geneva.

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    Thanks Steve, I'll have to show you some of my older stuff too. I was really pushing the limits of my camera with the PIA and KLM shots, my camera doesn't do well with noise in ISO over 800 and I was at that threshold for those two shots. Hopefully we get a chance to go spotting one of these days.

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    Thank you, I was hoping to catch a Swiss that day, but unfortunately they were running a split config and a lot of European arrivals came on 13L and departures were mostly the 13R that day and I just stayed at the mounds.


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