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Thread: Bayswater Planespotting 4-09-14

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    Bayswater Planespotting 4-09-14

    Hello all, new here to the forums, a lover of commercial aviation, have flown on many airlines from Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Delta Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Jetblue and Korean Air, residing in Queens, I thought i'd share some pictures I took yesterday afternoon at Bayswater, I was out there from 1pm to about 3pm and did not see another single soul except of course all the passengers on the planes. Anyway, here are some of my highlights from yesterday, using my Panasonic P&S hopefully someday upgrade to an SLR but for now here are some images from yesterday afternoon.

    A delayed arrival into JFK Flight SQ26

    These are just some of the many photos I took yesterday, not the best quality, but please enjoy. Thanks.

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    Pretty nice photos considering camera you have. And i see you caught that JAL with special stickers that I would need to catch too.
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    Welcome to the forums! Some nice shots there, they're just backlit. That is the one downside to Bayswater, its really only usable for the 4s in the morning. There are no really great spots for the 4s in the afternoon, but there are a few that you will find that are ok. I'm sure you will learn those tricks in time.
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