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Thread: Freezing Winter Spotting at New York JFK - 20 minute video

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    Freezing Winter Spotting at New York JFK - 20 minute video

    Enjoy several rare sights like the Dreamlifter, the new Iberia livery, the new JetBlue and AA A321Ts + much more in this 20 minute video!

    We left for the airport several hours before my flight so that I could catch some evening departures out of JFK before departing myself! I was wearing double gloves and my warmest jacket, but it still felt like I was going to die by the time I left haha. Not only was it -15C/10F, but it was extremely windy and humid by the ocean! Enjoy guys, I had to fight to get this one for you ;)

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    Very nice video, considering light conditions...

    Bayswater Park prolly coldest spot - windy and very cold and water around. I was freezing to death there once even wearing my Alpha Industries N-3B parka.

    Dreamlifter was in pretty good light - reflecting from snow. Was it landing on 31L, I assume?

    Most of videos I've taken, was from Bayswaters - taking videos of airplanes landing across the bay and airport - on 22L while taking photos of airplanes departing 13L, 4L, 4R
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