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Thread: Hannover HAJ/EDDV (2014)

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    Hannover HAJ/EDDV (2014)

    Hello together,

    after a little break i wanna start in 2014 to present pictures from my homebase here. The first two month brought us some very nice visitors and this now share here with you. I hope you like my pictures and i am looking forward to present you more pics from Hannover in the next time.

    January 2014

    The first highlight was the HZ-124 which arrive from Marrakesch and parked over four weeks on our apron.

    ... this brought us also some nice other visitors from Saudi Arabia in the following weeks.

    Other special visitors in this month were D-ABDU ....

    D-ABXA which brought some refugees from Beirut and ...

    D-AHLK which returns with a modified version of its "kreuzflieger" cs.

    .... pictures of February follows in the next post!

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    February 2014

    The February highlights starts with B747F of Cargolux which visit us on the 7th.

    Only one day later this beautiful A310 "HZ-NSA" came in to visit his big brother with is resting on our ramp since 18th January.

    At 14th February it was time for one of the last flights of an Royal Air Force L-1011 TriStar. Here you see this one lining-up for departure to Brize Norton.

    A few month ago TUIFly decide to change the colour scheme from yellow paint into the new Dynamic Wave cs. D-ATUM came directly from Boeing field on 17th February.

    At the evening of this day the last special flight about the "Saudian Days" came in from Heraklion and take a night-stop here.

    "Good morning Hannover" says the pilot of Saudi 6828 when he came in with TC-ACG from Uppington via Jeddah on 22th in best morning-light.

    Soo, these are the main movements from Hannover at the first two month. I think that was a very good start to the Spotting Year 2014 and so it could be in the next time here at my homebase. Everyone who is interesting to get more information about the planespotting in Hannover is welcome on our webpage There you will find a daily updated list of the movements last day and a Movement-Blog with puctures of special movements. You also find actual Spotting-Guide and a desktop calendar which is free for everyone. We are very happy about every visitor.

    At the end of my post i will show you a picture of my personal highlight this year ... on 4th March "Oman 2" visit HAJ on a testflight from Hamburg (HAM) and make two full landings here. Nice to see a short 747 here.

    Greetings from Hannover, Germany

    Matthias aka Dean Broker


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