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Thread: Amsterdam-Schiphol 26-02-2014

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    Amsterdam-Schiphol 26-02-2014

    Hello everybody,

    I had a spare morning which I enjoyed in the approach for runway 18R at Schiphol.

    1. Nice little Star Alliance A319 of Croatia Airlines:

    A319-CRO-9ACTI-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    2. A little white, but not completely terrible, these Finnair colors:

    A320-FIN-OHLXA-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    3. Freebird is small Turkish charter airline:

    A320-FRB-TCFBJ-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    4. Still quite new in the fleet of SAS is the A320:

    A320-SAS-OYKAS-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    5. Smartwings brought in a soccerteam to play against AZ in the Europa League:

    A320-SMW-OKLEE-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    6. Although a common sight, the Delta A330's are very elegant:

    A333-DAL-N816NW-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    7. As are those of KLM:

    A333-KLM-PHAKE-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    8. Three nice B747-400(S)F's today. Here's one from Air France arriving from Point-A-Pitre:

    B744F-AFR-FGIUA-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    9. Atlas Air arriving from Miami:

    B744F-GTI-N497MC-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    10. Great Saudia B747-400SF with nice condensation forming above the wings:

    B744F-SVA-TFAMP-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    11. There were two B777F's as well. First one was this Emirates:

    B772F-EKA-A6EFE-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    12. Next up was one from LAN:

    B772F-LAN-N774LA-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    13. Great looking B777-300ER of KLM in the Skyteam-livery:

    B773-KLM-PHBVD-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    14. My first (and only so far) Hop!:

    E145-HOP-FGUBD-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    15. Almost gone... These magnificent KLM MD-11's:

    MD11-KLM-PHKCA-AMS26feb14 by LifelinerOne, on Flickr

    Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them!


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    Awesome set! AMS is fantastic!

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    Nice set .... Definitely a place for some awesome traffic.
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    nice set! i'm working on a tentative plan to get over there for a couple days when I get the time.
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    Nice set of planes, photos...

    I've been in Schipol when I wasn't a plane spotter.

    Very nice airpoprt
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